Music plays a central part in the lives of pupils in our busy, vibrant Junior School. Pupils benefit from weekly Music lessons, as well as the opportunity to participate in a broad co-curricular offering, including opportunities for singing in Choir, performing in Orchestra and school bands or attending one-to-one peripatetic Music lessons!

“The children benefit from a bespoke music curriculum designed around the three key areas of Performing, Composing and Listening. Lessons are designed to be highly practical and lots of fun!! I want our Junior School pupils to look forward to coming to music, developing a life-long love of Music and encouraging the development of all-round Musicians.”

Junior Music Teacher, Miss Culver

Examples of Projects this year include:

  • Bird Music in Year 1
  • Peter and the Wolf and Musical Stories in Year 4
  • Rhythm and African Drumming in Year 5

Summer Term projects focus on a practical introduction to a particular instrument, with handheld Percussion instruments in Pre-School, Recorders in Reception to Year 2, Violins in Year 3, Acoustic Guitars in Year 4, Keyboards in Year 5 and a class Jazz Band topic in Year 6.

Within the EYFS, lessons focus on developing key skills of rhythm and pitch, instrument knowledge, recognition and an understanding of the way in which music can carry meaning through story. Pupils are also introduced to the principles of composition by creating musical patterns and illustrating these through Graphic Scores.

Director of Music, Mrs Powell

“One of the great joys of music is the opportunity to perform! Performance sits at the heart of our subject, helping children to both develop as musicians and also to develop self-confidence and self-belief, encouraging team work, friendship and fun!”

During curriculum Music time, pupils prepare for a variety of concerts and performing opportunities, including our annual Junior Carol Service at Dorchester Abbey, Summer Term tea concerts for pupils from Year 1 upwards, Families Day Performances and School Shows. All of these performances across the academic year provide an inclusive and warm environment for pupils to excel and grow in confidence.

“The annual Junior Carol Service at Dorchester Abbey is always a highlight of the school year! I can never believe the standard of music the children are able to deliver and I am always so proud of the sense of joy you get from the children as they perform together!”

Year 4 Parent

Musical Extra Curricular Activities

In addition to curriculum Music Lessons, all children participate in Weekly Choir Sessions during Morning Assembly Slots. Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of musical extra-curricular activities. These include:

  • Musical Fun for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
  • Recorder Ensemble for pupils in Year 3 and 4
  • Chamber Choir for pupils in Key Stage 2
  • Junior String Ensemble for pupils in Key Stage 2
  • Junior Orchestra for pupils in Key Stage 2
  • Music Tech Club for pupils in Key Stage 2

“We are very proud of the incredibly high uptake of pupils in these extra-curricular activities and pride ourselves on ensuring our extra-curricular clubs cater to pupils of every level.” Mrs Powell, Director of Music

Pupils in Year 2 upwards also have the opportunity to enjoy peripatetic Music lessons with our wonderful team of visiting peripatetic teachers. Lessons take place within the school day on a rolling timetable and cover every musical discipline from guitar to voice, clarinet to cello and drums to saxophone.