Sport sits firmly at the heart of the curriculum within our busy, vibrant Junior School, providing our pupils with the opportunity to learn new skills, challenge themselves, work as a team and simply have fun.

From the youngest age, pupils are encouraged to engage in the broadest range of physical activities, from Hockey, Football and Netball to Cricket, Gymnastics, Rugby, Swimming and much more besides.

“School sport should be fun! Our aim is to develop a love of sport that stays with pupils throughout their life. In games lessons pupils from Years 3 to 6 are provided with the opportunity to play competitive matches in our major sports; Football, Hockey, Netball, Cricket and Tennis. Our aim is to ensure all pupils benefit from the opportunity to represent the school as part of team, creating an inclusive atmosphere and carefully ensuring that students are encouraged, supported and challenged. We are also mindful of providing the stretch and opportunity that enables pathways for excellence for the very many pupils who go onto play sport outside school.”

Director of Sport, Mrs Sear
Multi sport

Our team of specialist PE teachers and coaches provide our pupils with expert coaching to develop their skills and build their understanding of the benefits of health and fitness.

Our inclusive approach to sport enables all pupils across the Junior School to participate in fixtures and competitive matches, via both our vibrant House system and as a member of one of our many school teams.