In joining the Sixth Form at Cranford, students can be confident that they are surrounded by a supportive, friendly and happy school community that will work alongside them as they take those next important steps towards university, employment and the world beyond school.

As students enter the Sixth Form, we recognise the importance of balancing active monitoring and support with the need to develop and encourage independence and self-confidence as they begin their journey towards university.

Weekly tutorials will provide our students with bespoke Careers and University guidance, as well as providing a forum for our unique 1:1 mentoring programme. Cranford’s reputation for excellence in pastoral care is based firmly on our knowledge of each individual student. As we are a small school, our expert pastoral team of Head of Sixth Form, Head of Careers, Form Tutors, Matrons and School Councillor are able to provide tailored, individual support for each individual in reaching their goals.