Please ensure that all uniform and equipment is clearly named. All uniform is compulsory unless stated otherwise. Blazers must be worn on arrival to and departure from school and in between lessons.

Pupils may wear their Cranford PE kit to school as an alternative to the school uniform, particularly on a day when they have PE or a fixture. However, they will be required to have the full school uniform for certain events, such as Carol Concerts, Open Days, Formal Assemblies and other occasions as requested.

Uniform can be purchased on line from Schoolblazer, For a printable uniform list, please use this link: Senior School Uniform 2023-24

School uniform requirements are subject to change upon any future COVID-19 government and or Department of Education guidelines.

Uniform 1 (listed as 'female' uniform)

  • Blazer (Navy)
  • Blouses Short/Long Sleeve (White)
  • Kilt (Tartan)
  • Trousers (Navy)
  • Pullover Years 7-10 (Navy/Sky Stripe)
  • Pullover Year 11 (Navy/Double White Stripe)
  • Socks (not trainer) (Navy)
  • Shoes with bar or laces (Navy or Black)
  • DT Tabard (Navy)
  • Coat to wear over a blazer (optional) (Navy or Black) but must be plain with no patterns/logos)
  • School Scarf (optional) (Navy/Sky Stripe)
  • 70 Denier Tights (Navy)
  • 40 Denier Tights (Navy)
  • House T Shirt (see below for colours)
  • Bag to carry books and files (Navy or Black - no advertising/logos)

Uniform 2 (listed as 'male' uniform)

  • Blazer (Navy)
  • Shirts - Short/Long sleeve (White)
  • Pullover Years 7-10 (Navy)
  • Pullover Year 11 (Navy/Double White Stripe)
  • Trousers (Charcoal)
  • Socks (not trainer) (Grey or Black)
  • Shoes with velcro or laces (Navy or Black)
  • DT Tabard (Navy)
  • School tie (Navy and Sky)
  • Coat to wear over a blazer (Navy or Black) (optional but must be plain with no patterns/logos)
  • School Scarf (Optional) (Navy/Sky Stripe)
  • Bag to carry books and files (Navy or Black - no advertising/logos)

Uniform 3: Sportswear

  • PE Polo Shirt (Navy)
  • Skort (Navy)
  • House T-Shirt (see House Colour below)
  • PE Hoody (Navy)
  • PE Shorts (Navy)
  • PE Ankle Socks (White)
  • Base Layer Top (optional) (Navy)
  • Base Layer Leggings (optional) (Navy)
  • Tracksuit Top (Navy)
  • Tracksuit Pants (Navy)
  • Hockey Socks (Navy/Sky)
  • Trainers (Any)
  • Games Bag (Navy and Sky)
  • Cricket Whites (compulsory)
  • Astro Trainers Outdoors (recommended for Hockey) (Any)
  • Football/Rugby Boots (with studs) (compulsory if playing Football/Rugby)
  • Swimwear (optional for Year 9-11) (Navy)
  • Swim Hat (optional for Year 9-11) (Orange)
  • Towel (optional for Year 9-11) (Any)
  • Shin Pads (Autumn Term) (compulsory for Hockey/Football/Rugby) (Any)
  • Gum Shield (Autumn Term - girls, Spring Term - boys)
  • Hockey Stick (Autumn Term - Girls. Spring Term - Boys)
  • Tennis Racquet (Summer Term)
  • Cricket Bat and Pads (Summer Term)

House Colours

St Christopher

St Francis

St George

St Nicholas






  • HB Pencils
  • Colour pencils
  • Highlighter pens
  • Pens
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
  • Rubber
  • Small scissors
  • Glue stick
  • 30cm ruler
  • Casio scientific calculator
  • Whitefurze Storage box for Food Technology (measuring Length 28cm Width 26cm Height 21cm).
  • Hymn book – Hymns Old and New (New Anglican edition) ISB 086209 805 – available from Wallingford Bookshop or the School Office

Please note when ordering uniform:

  • Blouses are available in female sizing options and shirts are available in male sizing options. Parents may decide which option they would like to choose for their own children.
  • Likewise, trousers are offered as navy in female sizing and charcoal in male sizing, the same policy applies, that parents may choose the more appropriate option, the school is flexible to pupils wearing School Blazer navy or charcoal trousers.
  • Kilts are only offered in the standard female sizing because of the cut, please contact school blazer if you would like to order the kilt for your son and they will advise on the best sizing option.
  • The school tie is only worn with the shirt, and not the blouse, so if you are ordering a shirt please also order the tie.

All items of clothing must be named.